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Impact Law Group is a boutique law firm, founded with the idea that our clients, regardless of their size, deserve sophisticated legal advice on complex matters from highly trained and experienced attorneys.

Practice Headings

March 2012
ILG obtains preliminary injunction in dispute over business ownership, requiring defendants to vacate leasehold and disgorge funds acquired during wrongful possession of business and its assets.
February 2012
ILG prevails on behalf of clients after a 6-day federal bench trial defending against a $5,800,000 fraudulent transfer claim.
January 2012
ILG negotiates and closes a talent deal on behalf of a client with a major cable network.
December 2011
ILG obtains summary dismissal of all appellant’s claims in trial de novo regarding fiduciary duties of an estate executor, and obtains judgment for attorneys’ fees in favor of client.
October 2011
ILG negotiates the signing of a key licensing agreement with a public aerospace company on behalf of a Swiss client.
October 2011
ILG negotiates and closes a production agreement for an ongoing comic book series at a major publisher on behalf of the creator client.
September 2011
ILG closes the issuance of $2,250,000 in convertible notes.
July 2011
ILG closes the sale of substantially all assets of a client’s multiple entities to a strategic purchaser.
May 2011
ILG negotiates terms of a combined debt and equity financing for an iconic pastry client.
January 2011
ILG assists client in a $400,000 seed financing.
December 2010
ILG negotiates a separation and release of business partners, division of assets and clients, and formation and capitalization of a new entity.
September 2010
ILG closes the sale of $1,100,000 in preferred equity.
September 2010
ILG completes the formation and initial capitalization of a Facebook application company.
August 2010
ILG facilitates the exercise of private call rights for public company shares.
July 2010
ILG closes the acquisition of 100% membership interest in a food service company.
June 2010
ILG closes the sale of $4,400,00 in Series A-1 Preferred Stock on behalf of an issuing client.
May 2010
ILG negotiates a highly favorable settlement on behalf of a construction client obtaining the dismissal of all claims in a complex multi-party contstruction suit.
March 2010
ILG closes the purchase of a remaining 50% interest in a strategy and design firm from a founding partner.
February 2010
ILG negotiates the sale of a controlling interest in a health services company to an Alaska Native Company
November 2009
ILG closes the sale of a northwest fitness company to a nationwide health club chain.
October 2009
ILG closes an initial equity financing for a Caribbean sailing company.
July 2009
ILG closes the merger and $4,500,000 recapitalization of a high tech plastics company.
December 2008
ILG successfully defends client against claims of securities fraud violations and breach of fiduciary duties, with all claims dismissed at summary judgment.
December 2008
ILG closes the sale of substantially all of the assets of an India based software company.
October 2008
ILG closes a multi-party alternative energy joint venture and $27,000,000 project financing.
April 2008
ILG closes the sale of a private software company to a Japanese public company.
March 2008
ILG closes the acquisition of a healthcare services company.
October 2007
ILG closes a $450,000 angel investor financing for an emerging technology company.
June 2007
ILG closes the sale of a fitness industry holding company and all related subsidiaries.
April 2007
ILG closes the sale of a Bulgarian outsourcing company to a U.S. public company.